Wednesday, August 15, 2007


i have been to melt (link note: cin weekly makes me want to kill myself sometimes but they are a good source for restaurant reviews) in northside twice now and i think i ordered the same thing both times: the artichoke melt. it is basically artichokes and cheese and tomatoes on ciabatta. except last night when i went it came out looking like pizza for some reason. i don't care b/c it was still good. i could have maybe used more gooey artichokeyness though.

i also got gazpacho, it was a chunky gazpacho and although i objected on principle to the corn in it at first, i quickly calmed down once i realized it tasted very good. i think all the veggies in it were from some local garden (or maybe i am just fantasizing about the hippie life in northside). overall, it was not great as far as gazpacho goes but it was pretty yummy as far as a cold, fresh, summer gardenish soup goes. i did think it needed salt though.

brian went w/ me and he got the... oh shit... what did he get? he got a melt w/ goat cheese, spinach, basil, something like that? maybe roasted red peppers too? it was very good. the goat cheese was really creamy. he also got this potato salad that was like a curry coconut potato salad. yummy! but i also thought it needed a little salt. i think sometimes people underestimate the amount of salt needed to make potatoes and tomatoes really delicious. or maybe i like salt too much (likely). brian is a food sharer like me so i was happy about that.

we discovered that melt is much bigger than i realized and has an adorable outdoor garden in back. that is where we sat. we got eaten alive by mosquitoes and eventually had to leave b/c i was bitching too much about the biting.

i told brian about this blog and he thought we should just go to really crappy places and write things like "cardboard never tasted so good." i'm writing that on here so it seems like i'm cool and do shout outs to all my readers even though the truth is that i have none.

special amazing discovery: melt serves brunch! i will be back to test it out. stay tuned...

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