Tuesday, January 31, 2012

al amir greek salad with grilled chicken

i know i know i just wrote a post about how i wasn't going to write about restaurants anymore and here i am writing about a restaurant.  but if you are eating lunch downtown and you are not eating the greek salad with grilled chicken at al amir, you are doing something wrong.  this is definitely my favorite salad to be eaten for lunch downtown and it is only $6.

look at all that deliciousness.  you get lots of fresh greek salad type veggies in a just-made greek dressing with lots of herbs, yummy freshly grilled (not from a freezer) chicken with a cumin rub, and then they also throw in the tzatziki just in case you are not 100% sold.

i had a gyro there once and it was pretty good, and i have heard the falafel is good, but ever since i found this salad i never order anything else.  the ambience is nothing special but the food is delicious and cheap and service is good so what else do you need?

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Heather said...

We went today - the greek salad and greek fries are really good. But that place - well - it's dirty! But the food is good!